Food Units of Measurement

Let users choose their preferred measurement systems or cooking measures for food items and ingredients.

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LogMeal offers two main measurement systems: the metric system and the imperial system. Metric system is a decimal system of units used in most countries. Imperial system is currently used in the United States, Liberia and Myanmar. In the United Kingdom, the metric system is partially adopted but some imperial units persist.

LogMeal also offers the possibility to display all food quantities in cooking measures (such as tablespoons, handfuls, slices, etc.). When entering new ingredients in a recipe, it is common not to weigh them. That's why it may be easier to introduce them in cooking measures.

As a third possible measurement system, LogMeal allows specifying dish/food items quantities in portions, allowing for a very user-friendly way of introducing and assessing quantities.

When creating a new profile, every user can choose their preferences. Thus, every API request made by that user will provide the dishes and ingredients quantities in a measurement system he/she is familiar with.

The available LogMeal API endpoints for accessing to this service are:

Accessible by the following Types of Users:


🔴 APIUser

🔵 APIUserManager

food quantity measurement in metric system
introducing ingredients in cooking measures

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