The most Advanced API in the world for Food AI and Food Tracking.

Image API for food recognition and food diary generation.

AI for Food Detection: Dish, Food Group, Ingredients and Nutrients detection from an image.

Our Food Tracking Services

Food detection based on images. Semantic tagging including food group, dish and ingredients recognition, as well as nutritional information analysis.

food type detection and recognition api

Food Type Detection

Food Type Detection

Food API to detect prepared food, drinks, fresh vegetables and fruit, non food and more.

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food group detection and recognition api

Food Group Detection

Food Group Detection

Detect the basic food groups present in the food. Ideal for food logs and food diaries generation.

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dish and food image detection and recognition api

Single Dish Recognition

Single Dish Recognition

Detect more than 880 different local and international dishes from any cuisine around the world.

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several dishes detection and recognition api

Dishes Recognition

Several Dishes Recognition

Recognize and list all the food items present in a combo dish.

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healthy food recipes and ingredients recognition api

Ingredients Information

Ingredients Information

Extract the list of ingredients present in the dish of the picture as well as their standard quantities.

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automatic nutritional information analysis api, calories detection

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Provide an ingredients-based nutritional analysis of the picture.

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Our Background

Experts in food recognition

Our general purpose Food API detects over 880 different dishes using the biggest food image dataset in the world.

We have published 12 international papers about food recognition.

Years of experience in computer vision

Our team has up to 30 years of experience in computer vision both on on the industrial and on the academic sectors.

Furthermore, we have been developing Deep Learning algorithms for over 7 years.

Successful stories

Our clients have applied our AI Food Detection solution on several projects and contexts. From food tracking for the elderly or for people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle; to medical solutions like nutrition estimation for diabetes or renal disease patients.


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CEO and Co-Founder

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Software Engineer

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