Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Solutions for Food Recognition

We automate, optimize and provide an added value to processes related to food and nutrition.

Touchless Checkout Kiosk for Self-Service Restaurants

food recognition self-service restaurants fast easy checkout kiosk touchless solution
fast easy checkout cost reduction solution

Checkout cost reduction

real time consumption analysis services

Real-time consumption analysis

improved customer satisfaction fast easy checkout

Improved customer satisfaction

touchless solution covid checkout

Touchless solution

fast payment pos integrable checkout

100% POS Integrable

Artificial Intelligence Food API to power your Apps

image food detection and recognition api for apps
image food recognition AI artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Food Recognition

detailed nutritional information analysis

Micro & Macro Detailed Nutritional Information

cloud fast api integrable to app

API 100% Integrable

modify add and remove ingredients dish recipe

Add / Remove Receipt Ingredients

estimate food quantity from image

Modulate quantity

personalized and custom image food recognition

Personalised Learning & Customisation

Why Us?

Experts in food recognition

Our general purpose Food API detects over 1300 different dishes using the biggest food image dataset in the world.

We have published 25 international papers about food recognition.

Years of experience in computer vision

Our team has up to 30 years of experience in computer vision both on the industrial and on the academic sectors.

Furthermore, we have been developing Deep Learning algorithms for over 7 years.

Successful stories

Our solutions have been applied on several projects and contexts.

From food tracking for the elderly; to medical solutions like nutrition estimation for diabetes or renal diseasepatients; to autonomous checkout devices for self-service restaurants.

Our clients have applied our AI Food Detection solution on several projects and

Executive Board

team member research petia

Research Advisor and Co-Founder

team member cto marc

CTO and Co-Founder

team member ceo eric verdaguer

CEO and Co-Founder

team member cdo francesc

Business Development Manager

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