Several Dishes Recognition

Several dishes recognition is the third level of semantic recognition - level 3 out of 5. It can also be called 'food segmentation' and it provides dish recognition information from images where multiple food items appear.

The total number of dishes currently available for recognition are more than 1300. They are either dishes that are internationally consumed or that belong to multiple local cuisines like Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and many more. Some examples of dishes that are available for each of the available food types are:

  • 'food': ratatouille, bibimbap, ramen, cannoli, cordon bleu, chocolate chip cookies, waffles with cream, olivier salad, chocolate pudding, etc. More than 1000 in total.
  • 'drinks': water, strawberry milkshake, chocolate drink, white wine, red wine, grape juice, cola drink, etc. More than 100 in total.
  • 'ingredients': apple, orange, peach, mango, broccoli, coconut, raf tomato, garlic, almonds, ginger, etc. More than 140 in total.
  • 'sauces': mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, vinaigrette, pâté, cheese spread, soy sauce, etc. More than 25 in total.

The available LogMeal API endpoints for accessing to this service are:

Sample Code:


Sample Response:

several dishes recognition multilabel combination dish dutch food
several dishes recognition multilabel combination dish hummus

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