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AI for Food Detection applied on food images.
Semantic tagging including food group, dish and ingredients recognition, as well as nutritional information.

LogMeal Services and capabilities

LogMeal API offers a set of cloud-based Machine and Deep Learning algorithms for automated food detection. These algorithms allow to analyse the food-related information present on a picture at different levels of semantics and complexity.

Food Type Detection

Detect either if in the food picture there is prepared food, a drink, a fresh fruit or vegetable or a sauce. Additionally, we can detect if the picture does not contain any kind of food. Perfect for large-scale image data processing and categorization.

food type detection and recognition api
food group detection and recognition api

Food Group Detection

Find the basic food groups present in the food. Is it a meat, or is it a fish? Does it contain vegetables, does it contain egg? Ideal for general diet analysis based on the pyramid of food groups.

Several Dishes Recognition

Recognize which dishes or food items are present in the image. LogMeal's Food API is able to distinguish among more than 1300 different local and international dishes from any cuisine around the world.

Furthermore, our AI is in continuous improvement, which means that we daily incorporate new images and dishes in order to improve our food tracking capabilities.

several dishes detection and recognition api

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healthy food recipes and ingredients recognition api

Ingredients Information

Extract the list of ingredients present in the dishes as well as their quantities. Perfect for food logging solutions.

Nutritional Information

Which is the standard nutritional information associated to the food in the picture? Based on the list of ingredients and their quantities we provide a tailored nutritional analysis. Ideal for average long-term nutritional consumption analysis.

automatic nutritional information analysis api, calories detection
customized AI computer vision deep learning solutions food detection

Food Quantity Estimation

Automatically calculate the quantity present for each of the food items present on the picture.

Customized Services

If you require a tailor-made Food AI solution we can build custom Deep Learning tools and algorithms for image based food detection and nutrition analysis.

customized AI computer vision deep learning solutions food detection